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Code snippets cloud is the online home for all of your code snippets! Not only can you store your code snippets but showcase and share them! Share details on how to use aswell as links to your channels and codevault to be a code snippet master.

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Easily sync and backup your code snippets in your wordpress site to the cloud as well as create, edit and share code snippets all on our code platform.

“Code Snippets eliminated the need for most single-feature plugins. It is a must-have plugin for me.”

Adam Preiser, WPCrafter
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Code Snippets cloud is more than just a place to store your amazing wordpress code snippets, It is a community where we can safely and easily share our code gems that can do incredibile things for our wordpress sites. Code snippets can be searched for or discovered through community pages.

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Some of the categories code snippet cloud has snippets of...

  • General Wordpress
  • Elementor
  • Woocommerce
  • Security
  • Styling
  • Javascript

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