The latest updates to Code Snippets Cloud.

Version 1.3 01-09-2023

  • New: Connected Sites - Back up and Synchronise local snippets with Code Snippet Cloud Codevault.
  • New: Connected Sites - Deploy Snippets from Code Snippet Cloud to wordpress site with Code Snippet Pro installed directly from Code Snippet Cloud.
  • New: Connected Sites - Manage sites and access tokens connected to your code snippet cloud account.
  • New: Snippet Bundles - Bundles of Joy! Search and Download Snippet Bundles in one go direct from Code Snippet Cloud.

Version 1.2 13-12-2022

  • New: Explore Snippets Page - showing mmost upvoted and editors pick.
  • New: Categories pages - Each category has its own page /category/{category-name} to show snippets in that category.
  • Improved: Updated TOS.

Version 1.18 19-11-2022

  • Improved: Global Search - search is now a modal pop-up from anywhere as opposed to a static page.
  • Fix: Snippet View - Sidebar text not wrapping correctly.

Version 1.15 12-11-2022

  • New: AI Verification for all newly created snippets and existing unverified snippets.
  • Improved: Snippet Card / Lists can be accessed by clicking name of snippet
  • Improved: Codevault Filters and pagination
  • Fix: Total number of snippets in codevault shows true total not number on page.

Version 1.1 28-10-2022

  • New: Complete redesign of Application UI, dashboard, codevault, snippet views, colours and style guide.
  • New: Code snippet view, search and codevaults are viewable without being logged in.
  • New: Code Snippet Cloud is now entirely mobile responsive and usable from mobile devices.
  • New: Ability to toggle between card view and list view for snippets in codevault, private snippets, review and coming soon - explore
  • New: Snippet card or list view allows setting snippets to public/ private directly from the list/ card view.
  • New: Search for snippets by text or category, show results in different chunk sizes, pagination and order by vote rating or date added.
  • New: Codevault and private snippets pages shows filter and sort options - by language or category.
  • Change: Snippet view has edit and delete buttons for snippets you own
  • New: Disapproved snippets have ability to view snippet showing disapproved status with edit/delete buttons to take further action
  • New: Download Code Snippets individually and import into code snippets wordpress website.
  • New: Email notifications for new comments to snippets.
  • New: Top trending snippets on dashboard.
  • New: Save Favourite Snippets to dashboard.

Version 1.0 - 13-09-2022

  • Create, edit, and delete code snippets directly in the cloud app to be stored in the cloud.
  • Control your privacy - make code snippets private (viewable only by you) or public (viewable by everyone)
  • Search and explore all publicly available code snippets
  • View code snippets in a nice, modern way with the use of torchlight syntax highlighting.
  • Voting! Up/Down vote function for public code snippets to see at a glance how well they are rated.
  • Dreamy dashboard - Easy to navigate dashboard for all user-hosted code snippets
  • Secure login, and access for users to their account/ dashboard with options for two-factor authentication and session management.
  • Add comments to public code snippets to give feedback.
  • Flag or report suspicious code snippets
  • Private API with user-generated Tokens to allow CS plugin to download and upload snippets from WordPress site to the cloud (Coming soon)