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Display ACF repeater field


Allows to display Advanced Custom Fields Pro Repeaters whitout a plugin or page builder that allow ACF fields.




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How to Setup Snippet

To display this repeater in Elementor, use the shortcode widget, and enter: [show-required] It can also be used anywhere else shortcodes are allowed. 'show-required' = shortcode name 'required_posting' = id of repeater 'section_title' = id of fieldname inside repeater (Code is not mine, I found it but there was no author mentioned)


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Display ACF repeater field

1/* shortcode for displaying required posting repeater field from ACF*/
3add_shortcode ('show-required', 'dnlt_show_required');
4 function dnlt_show_required() {
5 $pageID = get_the_ID(); // not required if within loop, but doesn't hurt
6 $content= '';
7 if( have_rows('required_posting', $pageID) ) {
8 $content .= '<ul>';
9 while( have_rows('required_posting', $pageID) ) {
10 the_row();
11 $content .= '<li>' . get_sub_field('section_title') . '</li>';
12 }
13 $content .= '</ul>';
14 }
15 return $content;


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Display ACF repeater field

Added: 1 year ago

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Allows to display Advanced Custom Fields Pro Repeaters whitout a plugin or page builder that allow ACF fields.